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Respite Opportunities


Medicaid waiver programs provide services and supports to persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) who live in their own home, in their family’s home, or in other home-like settings in the community.  These programs are called “waivers” because the typical financial eligibility requirements necessary to qualify for Medicaid are waived due to the person’s disability. These waivers can be an invaluable lifetime resource for your loved one with IDD.

Government benefits under the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be complex and confusing. However, they can also provide a lifetime of financial support and health insurance for your loved one with IDD. It is important to understand the difference between SSI and SSDI as well as Medicaid and Medicare. 


It is recommended that parents who have children with special needs have a will in place for each parent, especially in community property states like Texas. Creating a will and opening a special needs trust and/or an ABLE account can be invaluable in protecting your special needs loved one and their benefits. Click below for additional information on why you should consider wills and trusts.


Seeking guardianship over an adult is a legal process requiring an attorney with the sole purpose of protecting vulnerable, disabled loved ones from the financial, medical, and social challenges and complexities that come with being an adult. Whether or not to seek legal guardianship of your loved one is a big decision. 

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